About Us

Who is Hello SMART Biz Advisors?

As a group, we are passionate about assisting companies to meet their goals to expand their businesses.  As a company, we are service focused. 

As individuals, we are led by:

Chief Executive Officer

Tisha A. Templeton

Tisha specializes in the development of corporate systems, including administrative, accounting, and finance systems as well as the structure and execution of operational procedures, administration of human resource and benefit programs, and infrastructure building. She has over twenty-five years of experience running operational teams and assisting entrepreneurs in their start up activities. Ms. Templeton’s background includes designing and implementing the accounting systems, software platform policies and procedures, and infrastructure tools for a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, a biotechnology firm, and several startup companies. She has been writing business and marketing plans for twenty-five years. In addition to Hello SMART Biz Advisors, she has held a long-term tenure at a regulatory and product development consulting firm where she consistently analyzes operations and implements new efficiency strategies. Tisha is also a lifestyle coach and loves to help people reach their ultimate health goals. She has brought to Hello SMART Biz Advisors the success of a close-knit, family-oriented approach to management that she has implemented for over twenty years.



Carl Smith

Carl is a passionate, hands-on leader characterized by innovative vision and a track record of winning. He has managed vast sales teams with set goals wherein he consistently exceeded performance targets. He excels in market analysis and direction toward business development avenues that bring profitability to the companies he has worked for. With over twenty-five years in sales, and a focus on business development media, he is well positioned to lead a dedicated team to success. Carl is highly motivated, and as a family man himself, emulates the corporate culture Hello SMART Biz Advisors is building.